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arabic literacy

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professional development

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The challenges and rewards facing the teaching profession have never been greater.

Continuous educational reforms are the norm and are more frequent. They trigger numerous demands to re-examine and reform the way teachers educate and perform their job. Academic expectations are also increasing. Advances in technology are changing the working environment. Development of new instructional strategies and delivery methods continue to evolve to help teachers respond to a host of issues, ranging from increased student expectations to the conditions that students would confront in their communities. Employers are demanding more flexible workforce with ever growing skills. Teachers are struggling to keep abreast of all these changes and requirements.

The role of the teacher is also evolving. Teachers are required to develop new methods supporting their new roles as collaborators, facilitators of learning, and lifelong learners.

Teachers nowadays are expected to promote decision making, in-depth thinking, and problem solving amongst their students. They are expected to guide their students and instil in them a sense of personal responsibility, self-esteem, and integrity. Furthermore, teachers are prompted to make learning experiences more relevant and meaningful, encourage active citizenship, and create an environment conducive to reflective thinking.

To be effective, teachers need to develop good interpersonal skills that enable them to interact positively with students and parents. Management skills, problem-solving skills, and organisational skills are also important attributes for guiding students.

Teachers must continuously develop and modernise their repertoire of skills, techniques, and knowledge in order to best utilise new curricula and support continuous education reform initiatives.

It is clear that caring, competent teachers are vital to the success of any teaching institution. It is equally clear that teachers require continuous professional development enabling teachers to address the challenges facing them.

In order to maximise the benefit and efficiency of teacher training, in-service professional development must be re-conceptualised. Rather than offering piecemeal training, a more holistic view of teacher development is needed.


One of the biggest challenges facing any educational establishment is developing its teaching force. In the Arab world, the biggest obstacle to teachers?continuous professional development is the lack of advanced and continuous teacher training programmes in Arabic.

Partnering with Ibn Rushd Centre for Continuous Professional Development, INTKC will be developing a number of non-curriculum specific, modular, short courses in Arabic as part of its Teacher Development Programme (TDP).

The objective of TDP is to equip teachers with a repertoire of skills & basic competencies that complements and supports continuous educational reform initiatives in their schools.

These innovative solutions employ international and well proven teacher training strategies in an effort to modernise the instructional process.

For a full listing of our courses, please refer to the Continuous Professional Development catalogue.

If you would like to register your interest to attend our short courses next time we are in your area, or require further information, please contact us.


You may view sample evaluations of recent INTKC teacher training workshops.

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